“So many great ways to engage patients and improve patient experience.”

Rick Adams, , Health PEI

“Examples of how organizations have been embedding patient experience…Update from HQO on work and strategy was very helpful.”

Rachel Stack, , Southwest LHIN

“It has been amazing to connect with other patients and to know that I’m not in my frustration alone. We became immediate friends because of our shared experience.”

Katherine Cameron, , Patient

“Excellent presenters. There are many ways to improve patient experience. The most difficult will be how to choose which one to start with.”

Marianne Walker, , Guelph General Hospital

“Great networking and sharing of ideas. I left with excitement to implement strategies at the MCH!”

Jennifer Watson, , McMaster Children’s Hospital

“Hearing stories from patients. The real reason we are here.”

Shelley Hynes, , Lakeridge Health

“This has been an excellent function. It is always useful to take off the localized “blindness” and find new perspectives and also find that we are not alone in our issues and challenges.”

Thomas Vida, , Windsor Regional Hospital

“It has been amazing to connect with other patients and to know that I’m not in my frustration along. We became immediate friends because of our shared experience.”

Katherine Cameron, Patient, Katherine Cameron

I have gained many tools to assist with senior friendly and patient experience and engagement.

Monika Schallenberger, , Kirkland District Hospital

Lots of ideas to consider in our approaches.

Kathy Surrill, , St. Josephs Health Care London

“Nice to hear from actual patients and what their experience is.”

Suzanne Burrell, , Prince County Hospital

Very encouraging to see/hear/feel the movement towards client centered care. Good advice and ideas to take home. Good networking opportunity.

Stephanie Woodard, , Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

Excellent – lots of varied perspectives and strategies.

Gayle Halas, , College of Family Physicians Canada

Excellent conference. Thanks for further equipping us so we can better work well in our various positions. Value of empathy, listening skills, being open to new technics.

D. Blair, , Bluewater Health

Very informative and gives a strong message that healthcare needs to incorporate both patients and families in all areas of quality improvement initiatives.

Kelly Hunter, , Englehart and District Hospital

Fantastic networking opportunity to meet the parties in patient experience in Canada. Could have greater focus on patient experience – 1st day seemed very patient engaged only. More measurement stuff would be great.

Bernadee Koh-Bilodeau, , Health Quality Ontario

Inspiring and motivating.

Christine Slepanki, , The Royal, Ottawa

Very interesting.

Linda Morrow, , Glengarry Memorial Hospital

Informative and engaging -> many great take aways.

Lori Jenning, , Bluewater Health

Excellent conference.

Joann Shephard, , Bluewater Health Sarnia

So great to hear more of the patient experience from the patients!

Joanne van Dyck, , VGH/SWIHSS

Ideas we can incorporate into our current efforts in patient experience gives a clear picture of where we are at and other hospitals as well. The patient stories were impacting.

, , North Bay Regional Health Centre

Wonderful presenters. Bloorview children’s presentation very impactful in appreciating the value of patient’s perspective – at any age.

Aaron Reid, , Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital

Very engaging – much to do when we get back to the office.

Dorota Azzopardi, , CWCCAC

Patient stories provide the motivation for changes. Great examples – practical and doable to advance PCC.

Theresa Mulloy-Miller, Patient Advisor, LHSC

Hearing from the patients – truly inspirational! It reminds us why we’re here and where we need to focus.

Marko Peljhan, , Island Health

Many great ideas and proposals for solutions on enhancing care, changing culture and truly starting to make this patient experience count.

Linda Miller, , St. Mary’s Hospital

It’s incredible to me that something as culturally inherent to humanity as story telling is now used to illuminate very quickly where the gaps are in the health system. That’s incredible to me.

Gertie Mai Muisc, , SOAHAC

The patient panel and stories they told really hit home. Amazing perspectives and discoveries. Things they are wishing they had to help them along their journey are being created by providers already!

Sheila Winegarden, , NSM LHIN

Great networking opportunities. Much to learn from presenters and colleagues in the room! Great content!

Bonnie Nicholas, Patient Advocate, Thunder Bay Regional Health Centre

Amazing! Very hard to put into only a few words. I have enjoyed all the presentations and will take back with me a lot of information.

Victoria Brewster, MSW, Case Manager, Cummings Centre

Very informative, presents a new approach of viewing patient care. Amazed by the new ideas in developing technologies that facilitate patient access.

Rodica Bosonea, Operations Leader, DynaLife DX

Very relevant to our health care facility. This has been a goal for us as a facility and the speakers have given a great foundation to be able to evolve this goal.

Christa Saunders, Project Lead/RN, St. Mary’s General Hospital

Very inspiring and encouraging thus far. Knowing that others are well on the way to engaging patients makes the task for those of us just beginning (or thinking about beginning) a little less daunting.

Lisa Costa, Patient Relations Advisor, Grand River Hospital

Excellent speakers.

Joann Shephard, Reg. Nurse, Bluewater Health

Appreciated the balance between research, application, and practicing.

Claudette Delenardo, Director, Planning and Quality, Grand River Hospital

It was good. Love the materials.

Linda Forestell, Board Director, Horizon Health Network

I am very impressed and surprised by the amount of work that is going on around patient centered care. I know my organization was endorsing the idea but had no clue there were so many success stories based on patient centered care. The impact on me is that I am excited about where this co-design/collaboration approach will take healthcare in the near future.

David Harris, Physiotherapist, Northumberland Hills Hospital

Great to see everyone come together on this topic.

Hawthornthwaite, Senior Patient and Exp. Specialist, LHSC

Passionate speakers. Varied but relevant topics.

Kim Pitman, Feedback Coordinator, IWK Health Centre

Wonderful to spend a day focused on the “primary product”… the patient and their experience.

Jacqueline Barett, Director, St. Joseph’s Healthcare

Well rounded content interesting speakers.

Lisa-Marie Burka-Daniels, Professional Practice, Halton Healthcare

Great, practical, real, honest.

Wynne de Jong, Director, Nursing, UHN

Presentations are great. They contain very relevant information that has provided me with ideas that can be implemented into the programs / work on immediately.

Cassandra Howse, Project Coordination, Cancer Care Ontario

Great and needed. Happy to be a part of such an important movement.

Sabrina Spizzirri, Manager, Quality and Service Excellence, Mackenzie Health

Very good. Lasting impact.

Kelly Eddy, Lead PFCC, SCHR

The quality of the information is excellent and the variety of professionals flowed very well. I am building a patient experience framework and you have helped me with direction and networking opportunities.

Anne Campbell, VP, Partnerships and Patient Experience, Huron Path Healthcare Alliance

It is refreshing to see the amount of leaders involved in this work and to see the practices to engage patients develop. I feel more part of a community in the advancement of this work, not an isolated individual.

Laura Salmon, Director, First Nations Health Programs, Yukon Hospital Corporation