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E-Book Part 1: 15+ Tips To Meaningfully Engage with Patients

In part one of our 2017 Insights E-Book, we ask representatives from Canada’s leading healthcare organizations to share their new projects and proven methods to meaningfully engage with patients in day-to-day work.

Learn tips to improve:

    Communication: Improve connection between patients, families, and healthcare workers
    Low to no-cost methods: Engage patients on a budget
    Home Care: Effectively reach patients in their homes

Download the E-Book now and benefit from the experiences of over 15 Canadian healthcare leaders.

E-Book Part 1: The Patient Experience in Canada

In part two of two in our 2017 Insights E-Book series, our Patient Experience leaders share where they believe PFCC is heading on a national level and what your organization needs to do to get ready for the future.

Gain insight on:

  • Where Canada stands on the world stage in terms of patient care
  • Roadblocks we’re facing
  • Where we need to take steps to move forward

Stay on top of the latest in PFCC – Download the E-Book now to learn from leaders in the field.