1. Canada’s first and longest-running patient experience event
    The Canadian healthcare system faces a unique set of challenges and opportunities in achieving patient- and family-centred care. At the only event of its kind, you will take away tactics, seek inspiration, and get new strategies that are relevant to your needs.
  2. Partnering with patients every step of the way to drive meaningful change
    Guided by an Advisory Board that includes patient representatives, this conference strives to incorporate the patient voice at every level of its production. Hear from patients and professionals speaking together on their progress, and meet patient attendees who are working to make a difference in Canadian healthcare.
  3. Lessons learned from meaningful patient inclusion
    In an effort to include the patient voice in this event, Strategy Institute has secured Patients Included accreditation. Working with Patient Partners from inception to execution ,and ensuring their insights are included throughout the agenda for meaningful partnership.
  4. Cross-sector representation to strengthen the continuum of care
    This event features a diverse program of presentations and case studies from acute, long-term, primary, home, and community care, as well as regional health authorities, legislators, researchers, and associations. Trade strategies and insights from other sectors to map out how you can achieve better patient-centred care.
  5. 10+ patient speakers to ensure the patient voice is heard
    With more patient and family speakers, this event ensures that patients have the opportunity to share their perspective. In a true collaboration, patient partners and healthcare providers come together to sustain the patient experience movement. Share stories, lessons learned, and viewpoints to truly empower patients.




Join thought leaders, experts and professionals from across North America at this unique event.

Healthcare Providers

Hospital, LTC, Home, Community, Primary

President | CEO | COO | VP | Director | Chief Nursing Executive | Project Manager | Head of Patient Experience / Care / Services / Engagement / Voice / Relations / Quality

Stakeholders in Patient Experience

Health Ministries | Industry Associations | Research Institutes | Health Authorities | Patient Advisors | Advocacy Groups

Solution Providers

Outcome & Patient Satisfaction Measurement Providers | Patient Experience & Healthcare Management Software Developers | Healthcare Technology Providers | Consultants