Improve Outcomes, Quality of Care, and Transform your Patient Experience

Reinvigorate your organization’s commitment to the highest quality of care delivery, clinical outcomes, and patient experience.

Download the brochure to see what’s in store at the 6th Annual National Forum on Patient Experience.

10+Hours of Networking
10+Patient/Caregiver Speakers
8Case Studies
4Keynote Addresses
2In-depth Workshops

Source 10 approaches to your biggest areas for PX improvement:

  1. ROI in PX: Demonstrate value of PFCC to leadership and staff
  2. Patient engagement: Establish and maintain impactful partnerships
  3. Sustainability: Strive for continuous improvement
  4. Co-design: Lead system-wide quality improvement through engagement
  5. Staff experience: Embed PFCC in your organization through staff engagement
  6. Accreditation: Exceed accreditation standards with patient-centred care
  7. Measurement: Master the use of PROMs and PREMs
  8. Caregiver experience: Support those who support your patients
  9. Senior Care: Ensure quality care for an aging population
  10. Home and Community Care: Engage with hard-to-reach patients

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