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Impactful Changes in Healthcare Shaping the Future of PX

Concluding this eBook series is a final look at what every member of healthcare, from nurses to doctors and even volunteers, should keep top-of-mind for the future. With disruptive change due to technology, the increasing knowledge and participation of patients and new legislation in the healthcare environment, many can anticipate new & exciting challenges in the months to come.

Learn more on:

  • Patient Experience Measurement Tools
  • An Aging Population
  • Physician Assisted Dying Legislation
  • Access to information using Technology
  • Patients as Partners in Care

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Featuring expert insights from:

Using Technology to Impact the Patient Experience

Computers, Mobile Devices, Apps, Tablets – the list is ever growing of ways physicians and facilities can now communicate with patients both inside and outside the traditional healthcare space. In the 3rd edition of the speaker e-Book, leaders in PX reveal ways they’ve noticed technology impacting & improving the patient experience.

Learn more on:

  • Apps to view wait times
  • Patient Portals
  • Video Conferencing
  • Access to information general & personal

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Building Connections in Care

In part 2 of this exclusive speaker e-Book, health leaders share how they’re working to keep patients informed and engaged, even when the care model becomes chaotic. Discover tools they use to maintain patient engagement including surveys, online portals, lay language, white boards and more.

Take away insight on:

  • Patient Surveys & Transparency
  • Making Patients Partners In Care
  • Patient Family Advisory Committees
  • Transfer of Accountability at the bedside

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Breaking Barriers to Patient Experience Improvement

In this exclusive speaker e-Book, we asked our presenters to share what they believe are current barriers to improvement & ways to overcome them. Learn how they’re faced with culture, funding and patient-involvement challenges – just like you.

Take away insight on:

  • Engagement of front line staff.
  • Budgetary restrictions.
  • Communicating with patients on their level.
  • Adopting patient-centred care into organizational culture.


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