Harness the power of patient engagement to drive meaningful change in healthcare

Budget cuts and pressure from an aging population make patient experience difficult to sustain. Attain strategies for cost-effective solutions that will save you time and money. Gain insights on new MAID legislation and advances in healthcare technologies. Hear from top providers in healthcare to ensure the best possible care for your patients. Develop tactics to:

Source concrete solutions from top leaders across acute, primary, long-term, community, and home care. Grow and sustain your patient experience strategy.

Join the drivers and innovators in patient-centered care for two days of visionary thinking:

  • Master patient-measurement results
  • Improve efficiency with digital solutions
  • Promote meaningful engagement with patients through effective PFACs and co-design projects
  • Improve efficiency with digital solutions
  • Direct co-design initiatives
  • Tap into community support
  • Establish meaningful patient partnerships

Join us at Canada’s first and longest-running event on patient experience. You will hear from the collective voices among acute, long-term, primary, community, and home care, and – of course –hear from patients themselves!

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